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Playing cards: Story generator

In the Age of information, most of the time we are absorbing information from the outside world and not creating our own voice. Sometimes, we need a pinch of imagination in our brain to create our own stories. This"story generator" playing cards are designed to give users an interesting and versatile context, giving a platform for creating intriguing stories.

There are 42 cards in total, 39 image cards and one introduction card and one logo card. Image cards are the source of content, each image is valued by three elements: character, setting, plot. These three elements are recognized as the key factor for a story. With one character, one setting and several plots, a new story could be created. In these playing cards, pastel red, blue, yellow are colour coded to represent these elements.

You may find that there is more than one type of colour on the card, that is because this image may contain more that one element. for example, the picture with a man standing nearby the sea, you can interpret it as a setting: a story happens nearby the sea, or, you can interpret it as a plot: someone stands nearby the sea. Each image has many meanings depending on your own interpretations, by combining those interpretations with imaginations, readers are more readily to create their own stories.

These cards are perfect for the writer who enjoy writing novels or short stories, they may find great pleasure in constructing the connection between each image. These cards also suitable for playing with friends, many funny stories could be told when having a storytelling game.

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