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Shades of Noir digital campaign

A collaboration with Claudia Sin for Shades of Noir ‘Disabled people, The Voice of Many’ digital campaign.

The final result is a series of animated gifs featuring different fabric pieces with hand-drawn figures and graphics, in response to rising awareness for both visible and invisible disabilities among our diversified community. Hand-drawn figures with variable geometrical shapes represent the diversity in our bodies and identities, contrasting the common representation of uniform ‘female and male’ disability signage.  Graphical elements such as eyes, mouth, ear and hand were drawn to represent common visible disability.

‘The Social Model of Disability’ is the starting point of our research for this project, it is the current society that is disabling people with impairments rather their impairments themselves. With the lack of diversity and positive models in our current representations for disability, it is important that we, as art students, enrich the artistic representations for disability.

SoN-inta prelook 02.jpg
09 reveal slogan and logo.gif
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