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Finding Game - Study of domestic items

This is a folded map that is designed to be a finding game. It presents the topography of my desk with daily items on the front side and old pictures that were found existing before the digital age.

Allow yourself to observe the link between modern items and their past. Old pictures on the back of the map are all collected from Rotherhithe Picture Research Library, they may contain the exact item that you can find from the desk, or they might just relate to a subject that is similar to the items on the desk. It uses the same categories from the picture library as an index, so there can be a riddle to find the link between the items and images, e.g. some might be easier to notice as a laptop can fit into the category “Trades & Occupations: Computer & Service”. Others might have less strong links such as an Oyster card and the category “Trades & Occupations: Administrator”.

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